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Terry VunCannon is a Lap Seel & Guitar player that has been working & recording for over 4 decades.

  • Emily Adams is a California girl with roots around the world. Born into the delightful chaos of a large military family, Emily's seven brothers and sisters often spent evenings listening to their dad's eclectic collection of music including classics like Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly.

    After watching many episodes of Buddy Holly performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, Emily picked up her first Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.

  • Kick The Wicked (KTW) pride themselves on the diversity of their art in music. From Metal to Rock, from Heavy to Funky, we love it all!

    Mark Lanoue, Scott Campbell, and Rory Faciane; come together to create a series of powerful, yet diverse tracks that are starting to gain the attension of the listening base.

  • The DELTA WIRES is a big, rockin’ harmonica and horns blues band from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. They were Finalists in the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge held in Memphis TN, and were voted “BEST LIVE BAND” Oakland/East Bay in Oakland Magazine’s annual readers’ poll, and also by the East Bay Express. The DELTA WIRES were inducted into the California Blues Hall of Fame in December, 2012.

    The DELTA WIRES have recorded 8 Albums,and just released in January their latest “if somebody told me.

  • About Skreen 6: We're a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal act straight outta Kochi. This journey of ours kicked off on the first of May, 2021... We're all heavily influenced by legends like Motley Crue, Skid Row, White Snake, Iron Maiden, Scorpions and all that jazz.

    MK on leads, KM on drums, JK on bass, Salas Stewert doing rhythm and backing vocals and Amal Dev Nambiar doing frontman duties.

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