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Finding Inspiration in Every Artist

Lazie Indie is led by musicians and music industry veterans with over 30 years of experience in the Industry.

This vibrant community was born with the Lazie Indie Magazine, a world-renowned music publication with 100% original content created by contributors, who are established musicians themselves.


With readers from over 100 countries, this monthly e-magazine has featured Legendary Musicians along with Indie Artists from over 50 countries via in-depth one-on-one interviews and videos.

The Lazie Indie ecosystem is made up of Professional & Indie Musicians, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Music Academies, world-wide Music Awards, Event Venues, Music Producers and many more from across the globe.


Indie Musicians from any part of the world can access the Lazie Indie ecosystem to connect, create, learn, engage, collaborate, and commercialize their music.


Meet The Team

Jay Pillai, Founder, Lazie Indie, Lazie Indie Magazine


Founding Editor of Lazie Indie Magazine,
Musician for 30+ Years,
Initiated the Lazie Indie Community,
Co-Creator of the IIMF, Kovalam,
Conceptualized - Autumnleaf the Big Stage (Award Winning TV Show), 
Singer/ Songwriter- Lazie J, Lazie Bison, The Autumnleaf.

MAnoj Pillai, CoFounder, LazieIndie


Musician for over 30 Years,
Co-Creator of the IIMF, Kovalam,
Co-Concept Developer - Autumnleaf the Big Stage (Award Winning TV Show),
Drummer - Lazie J, Lazie Bison, The Autumnleaf.

Sunder Soman, CoFounder, lazie indie


Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in the technology space, Community expert and an  Indie Music Enthusiast from India, 

Co-Founder of foreva, a community management platform.

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