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Lazie Indie, John Anthony Guitar Contest, IIMF

John Anthony Memorial

Guitar contest
November, 2023

John Anthony, IIMF, Lazie Indie, Guitarist
John Anthony Guitar Contest, IIMF, About the contest

About the Contest

The John Anthony guitar contest is held annually by the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village (KACV) and Lazie Indie.

Any guitarist can upload a 2 minute clip on Youtube and submit the link in the form below.


  • The music video submissions will be allowed from August 15th onwards, and will continue until Sept 28th 

  • The voting link will be given to participants on Sep 28th

  • Voting will open on Sep 28th and will remain open until Oct 25th

  • The winner will be announced on November 1st, 2023

For Musicians

Lazie Indie, IIMF, John Anthony Guitar Contest, Past Winner, Ashok Janardhanan, Fender Stratocaster

The winner will be awarded a brand new Fender Stratocaster guitar at the IIMF (International Indie Music Festival) held at Kovalam in November 2023

Around 20 artists and bands will be participating this year.

The IIMF is a 3 days Indie music festival with artist participation from across the globe.

IIMF 2023, Event, Lazie Indie, Kovalam, Kerala, India, International Indie Music Festival

Meet Ashok Janardhanan

Last year's contest winner

About John Anthony

A performer, teacher and mentor in the music circuit for over 30 years, John Anthony contributed to the music tracks of over 2,500 movies.

Over several decades, the guitarist was part of many ensembles and projects that led him to perform around the globe with legends such as  violinist L. Shankar, Sivamani and A.R. Rahman. He has been an inspiration to many currently famous guitarists.  His unique style of guitar playing influenced many and still does today. 

Connected to movies and the independent music world, John Anthony made a strong impact on both sides. Lazie J was one of the last projects he associated with.

This guitar award is instituted to celebrate the genius of John Anthony and also to encourage young guitarists to demonstrate their talent to a vast audience globally. 

So put your best out there and let us see whether you can carry the John Anthony Legacy forward. 

Remembering John Anthony

Remembering John Anthony

Contest Registration, IIMF, LAzie India, John Anthony Guitar Contest
Contest Registration 

Click HERE to read the terms and conditions

To help us understand your interests, please select one or more Genres from the list blow:

Thanks for submitting!

John Anthony Guitar Contest, Guidelines, IIMF, Lazie Indie

Guidelines for participating

  •  Record a 2-minute video clip showing your guitar skills 

  • Share/ paste your video link in the form

  • Your recording should be continuous and not edited

  • You can have instrumental backup for the clip but the guitar track should be audible to the last note. 

  • Your video should be clearly showing what you play.

  • You can submit 3 pieces maximum but you have to suggest 1 clip that needs to be put for voting.

  • After submissions are closed, you will be given a voting link. Please share this with your friends. Only one vote per person is allowed. More than one vote per person will not be counted. 

  • We will publish the leader board every week once from October 7th listing the top 10 by number of votes.

  • Once the voting closes on October 31st, our experts will decide the best among the top 3 in the list.

  • The decisions by our experts are final and once decided we will announce the winner.

  • No disputes will be entertained on the desicion of our experts. Their decision will be final.

  • We will contact you if you are the winner. You will be given a return ticket to the International Independent Music Festival, Trivandru, for the award function.

Thank you for participating. Good Luck!