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Lazie Indie, John Anthony Guitar Contest, IIMF

John Anthony Memorial

Guitar contest
November, 2023

The winner of the 2023 John Anthony Guitar Contest is.....

Sidharth Praveen

Congratulations, Sidharth!
From the Lazie Indie Crew

A special shout out to Sriram Vapush who impressed our judges with his talent and technique

About the Contest

The John Anthony guitar contest is held annually by Lazie Indie and the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village (KACV)

Any guitarist can upload a 2 minute clip on Youtube and submit the link in the form below.

  • The music video submissions will be allowed from August 15th onwards, and will continue until Sept 28th 

  • The voting link will be given to participants on Sep 28th, 2023

  • Voting will open on Sep 28th and will remain open until Oct 28th

  • The winner will be announced on November 1st, 2023

Sponsored By

John Antony Guitar Contest, Sponsor, ICMA
Lazie Indie, IIMF, John Anthony Guitar Contest, Past Winner, Ashok Janardhanan, Fender Stratocaster

The winner will be awarded a brand new Fender Stratocaster guitar at the IIMF (International Indie Music Festival) held at Kovalam in November 2023

Around 20 artists and bands will be participating this year.

The IIMF is a 3 days Indie music festival with artist participation from across the globe.

IIMF 2023, Event, Lazie Indie, Kovalam, Kerala, India, International Indie Music Festival

Meet Ashok Janardhanan

Last year's contest winner


Meet the Contest Judges