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Lazie Indie Magazine: Edition 37, Cover Launch

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Here is the cover for the 37th Edition of Lazie Indie Magazine releasing on the 27th of the month.

On Cover: Greg Roberts, the mighty popular Country Rap musician. Thank you, Kathryn Washington-Shipley for the column.

Greg on Lazie Indie:

Other Featured artists are:

  • The Outsiders - The legendary American band is back and there is a lot to tell.

  • Sugar Lime Blue- Tennessee’s Talented Americana-Roots Ensemble

  • Harry Kappen- Songwriter, Musician, Music therapist

  • Roger Ricks: fabulous musician from. Zurich. Thanks to Lyia Meta for the column.

  • Civilized Savage Gods CSG- Thanks to Ms. Benita Show for the column

  • Jamie - Upcoming musician from Papua New Guinea Thanks to Vani K Nades for the introduction

  • Checca - Popular RnB and Rap artist from France - Thanks to Emma Goldberg for the column

New Releases from:

  • Skreen6

  • Lyia Meta

And, our First Musical Documentary:

Finally, we are covering Lazie Indie's own event, Thirunelly Vibes. This is the first among our concept of Musical Documentaries and Shack Festivals we are planning to establish.

Read about Greg and others in our magazine.

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